We had mentioned previously that Joe, the husband of the husband and wife not-so-dynamic duo who run Desert Oasis Farm and Dog Boarding from their home, filed a dog bite report on Keizer. We call it “fake”and for very good reason.

I’ll refresh the timeline of factually known information. When you read the report which Meaghan has made available, I hope you’ll note the date of the alleged bite, which is Friday, February 17, 2017. The last image is where to find Joe’s statement. It’s an eyebrow raiser.

He has made many false statements. Interestingly, Joe has previously been found guilty of criminal false reporting to law enforcement, too. (Source: Arizona Judicial Branch Case Lookup, State of Arizona v  Arismendez, Case #M-0762-CR-9800053)

  1. Wednesday, February 15, 2017– Zero and Keizer were dropped off at Desert Oasis for boarding.
  2. Thursday afternoon, February 16, 2017– Zero and Keizer at-large. Earliest reported sighting currently is the afternoon of the 16th WSW of Desert Oasis at Tuthill and Noramoore heading East and Northeast.
  3. Thursday night, February 16, 2017– Several sightings of Zero and Keizer in HOA neighborhoods and near S Estrella Pkwy and Elliot.
  4. Friday morning, February 17, 2017– Zero hit and killed at 6:38AM near roundabout at S Estrella Pkwy in Goodyear.
  5. Friday evening, February 17, 2017– Keizer spotted around Elliot Rd.
  6. Saturday morning, February 18, 2017– Keizer identified and found by rescue people. Patty was able to get a hold of Meaghan that morning and Meaghan and Luke learned Zero was deceased and Keizer was found at-large. This was approximately 27 hours after Zero’s death.
  7. Saturday morning, February 18, 2017– Jenn and Mike, friends of Meaghan and Luke, go to Goodyear to get Keizer. They hold onto him until Meaghan and Luke get back to town on Monday, February 20, 2017.

In other words, the dogs were at-large nearly the entire time and weren’t being fed and watered by Desert Oasis. Now, read that report and look at what Joe says, note the date he alleges he was bit and the flagrantly false statements he makes.



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