My name is Keizer.  I’m about 11 years old and I”m a yellow Lab mix.

My mom and dad were going out of town and me and my brother, Zero, needed someplace to stay while they were gone. We often go with them many places. Zero more than me because I’m older and have arthritis. I have to take my special medicine every day to help me feel okay.

After mom and dad checked out the place, we were dropped off.

But something happened.

Zero and I were out in this strange place of unfamiliar sights, sounds, and smells. We were hungry and thirsty. We had no place comfy to sleep. We didn’t have mom or dad. We didn’t have anyone.

Zero stayed with me as much as he could. He led me near the lake so we could have some water. We stayed by a park. This place was smelled familiar. I think mom and dad brought us here one time. It was the time Zero fell in the lake. Goofy Zero. He did silly things all the time.

Zero was a very good younger brother. He always watched out for me. I had to stay back while Zero went looking around. I’m not sure what he was looking for, but maybe he was trying to find our way home or maybe he was trying to find mom and dad.

One day I curled up on the rocky ground and dirt. I had to rest. It had been many hours and I didn’t have my medicine. I was hurting. A nice lady dropped off some food and water for me. I was kind of afraid of her, but I thank her for making sure I had something to eat.

One morning Zero went looking around. I stayed behind. I thought he would come back. But as the hours passed, he didn’t. I was scared, confused, and all alone out here.

People were trying to get me to come to them. But who are they? Could I trust them?

Suddenly, someone I recognized.

It was Jenn and Mike. They are friends of mom and dad. I know them. I tried to tell them what happened. I was so tired. I just fell over in exhaustion.

But where was my brother Zero?

Jenn and Mike took me home with them. They said mom and dad would be so happy to see me. They made sure I had some food and water. But I just slept and slept for hours. Jenn made sure I went to see my doctor. My doctor gave me more medicine because I wasn’t walking and moving very well.

Finally, mom and dad were here. I was so happy to see them! But where was Zero? He wasn’t with me and he wasn’t with them.

Mom and dad have been sad. I’m sad, too. Zero is gone. I don’t think he’s coming back.

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