Image: Ctsy of ABC 15 Phoenix. January 19, 2017 Sheriff Penzone reveals his 100 Day Plan with Animal Abuse a listed priority.

Today delivered an upset and shock from the sheriff’s office.

This afternoon an email was received from an employee of Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) making derogatory statements about Zero’s owner, Meaghan, the attorney John Schill of Schill Law Group, and a friend of Meaghan’s who has been nothing but supportive and respectful. That employee now has complaints against her and has triggered an internal affairs investigation by MCSO’s Professional Standards Bureau.

The email sent to Meaghan’s friend from MCSO was littered with derogatory statements calling Meaghan a liar, characterizing her written complaint as bogus without investigation, making degrading comments about her attorney John Schill, and it goes on from there.

At a previous point, Mr. Schill was assisting Meaghan but Meaghan had chosen to not pursue a civil lawsuit. Meaghan only has wanted justice for the death of Zero. As a result of today’s conduct coming out of MCSO, Mr. Schill is now back involved to help Meaghan pursue criminal charges… and he’s not collecting a penny from her. It’s pro bono.

This girl just wants justice for the death of her dog, Zero. MCSO’s response was to degrade her. In a larger sense, if you read the email (the email addresses were redacted), what it’s really saying is MCSO doesn’t want to be bothered with reports from the public about crimes against animals.

We have all been understandably upset over this email and its content. What comes next, we don’t exactly know, but it will have to involve actions, not words, to create trust with us and the public.

Please share the petition in the hopes others will sign, too. We are stronger as community of one voice.

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