JusticeForZero.com is live. With the help of a friend in media, we have created this place to serve as a repository of information about the story of what happened to Justice and Keizer when under the care of Desert Oasis Farm and Dog Boarding in Buckeye, AZ.

The call to action for website visitors:

  • Read their stories
  • Voice Your Support
  • Like our Facebook page and posts, Share, Tweet, Post.

Information posted on this site will include, but won’t be limited to, updates on the case for Keizer and Zero, updates on Keizer, news stories in media, press releases/ official statements, petition(s), legislative updates, and updates from Meaghan.

It’s too easy to overlook what happens to two dogs. But this isn’t the first time that pets under the care of a boarding facility have been killed in Arizona, much less Maricopa County.

We have to be part of leading that change in our state, counties, and communities. It began with the Gilbert 23 in Gilbert, AZ. It continues with Justice for Zero. We won’t stop until our voices are heard: We want change in Arizona! We want better legislation and regulation of animal boarding places. There is currently no regulation or agency with oversight of them. We need to empower law enforcement to shut down businesses that are exploiting and killing our animal family members.

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