Zero’s Story

My name is Zero. I am a 1 year old German Shepherd Dog. I have been with my family since I was 10 weeks old. My dad is from somewhere else. When he moved here he didn’t know a lot of people and my mom recommend my dad bring me home. We became best friends and went everywhere together. We went on hikes in mountains, woods, and fields. I’d go swimming and play with sticks and balls. I loved balls! He’d take me for car rides and bring me to the store. We would snuggle together for naps and bed time. I loved it when he rubbed my belly and hugged me. My dad taught me great manners. I knew all kinds of things like how to walk off-lead like a good boy! I stayed by him always. We were inseparable!

My mom is awesome! She’s so nice. She and dad put in a swimming pool in my backyard just for me! Before it was even finished, I was so excited I would go sit in it after it rained. Mom and dad also fostered many other dogs. Those dogs were looking for their new homes and their new moms and dads. I have so many new brothers and sisters! I got along great with them all.

I also have a brother. His name is Keizer. He is older and wiser than me. Keizer came with us on hikes, car rides and more. Keizer was always in charge in the house. If I got a little too spunky, Keizer would sit me down and tell me. He was very patient with me while I grew up. I was also very protective of my older brother. I made sure everyone knew not to push my big brother around.

But something happened.

Mom and dad had to go out of town and this time couldn’t take me with them. It was ok. I’m a good boy and me and Keizer were going together to stay someplace for a few days. Mom and dad dropped me and Keizer off one day. After that, things are a little confusing for me.

Next thing I know, I’m someplace else. There are all kinds of cars speeding by me. I’m tired and scared. I just wanted to find my mom and dad. I don’t know who can help me? I want  to tell my mom and dad what happened, how I got to where I was. I want to tell them I tried to watch out for my brother. But, I can’t talk to them anymore.

Yes, something happened.

I ended up in the middle of a road. A car came towards me. Then I remember some people around me, sad and upset, they were speaking comforting sounds and words to me.

I wish I could tell my mom and dad how I got there, but my voice has left me now.

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